Bikinis That Won't Break The Bank

Cute on a Budget for less than $100


Now and days it is hard to find a cute bikini totalling less than $200. Times have changed! While shopping for a cute bikini tops are $80+ plus matching bottoms $80+ totalling at $160 plus tax. It's kinda absurd. Yes we pay it occasionally because there are some bikinis we must add to our collection. But there are many websites that carry cute, well-made, affordable swim. We all have things to pay for that are much more important than splurging on swimwear.  I am a swimwear addict. How I may have been able to count how many pairs of sunglasses I own, I can't even be bothered with my swimwear. If I could my dream lifestyle would be to wake up in a cottage every day on a tropical beach, have salty hair, tanned skin and a margarita in hand. I put together some of my favorite bikinis that are well made and won't put a dent in your bank account. Whether your a one-piece type of gal or baddie in a bikini, there's a suit for everyone. 

My favorite affordable bikini stores are Urban Outfitters, PacSun, ASOS, and Topshop. You can also catch some great SALE items on Revolve!   


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One Pieces:



Black & White:

Solid Colors:

In the process of researching and creating this post I came across a few bikinis I want to add to my collection. Comment & let me know your favorite bikinis above and any bikini brands your shopping this summer! :)