Sliding in the Dm's 

& how it creates new friendships and opens doors for work endeavours 


For those of you who don't know who or what BETCHES is...then, and I mean this as nicely as possble, get with the program. But as I am sure there will be those few select indiviudals who aren't familliar with BETCHES, I am here to break it down for you. As the website states, "One cold night in February 2011, three college roommates created a small WordPress blog out of their apartment at Cornell. They called the site Betches Love This and within months it had become viral enough that they decided to make writing their jobs." As time went on, Fall of 2015 Betches Love This dropped to just BETCHES. BETCHES is now more than a blog that was started by three college aged students, it is a brand. BETCHES is a platform of a blog, an Instagram, two books, a podcast and wait, even more, the merchandise SHOP BETCHES. BETCHES published the book, "Nice Is Just A Place In France", in 2013 which became a New York's Best Seller. I remember my first time reading "Nice Is Just A Place In France" better than I remember losing my virginity. I breezed through this book in less than a day, laughing my way through. The book says everything us girls think, only BETCHES says it. 

Anywho, I had previosly on June 26, 2016 slid in CEO's Aleen Kuperman's DM's seeing if there were any job opportuinites with her and/or BETCHES. A few moments later... on November 13, 2017, Aleen replied! It was only over a year later, but I get it, she's busy being a boss bitch running a company. Aleen was not looking to hire personally but BETCHES was. Also, coincidentally BETCHES was looking for a blonde model to do their SHOPBETCHES lifestyle holiday shoot which would be shot by Courtney Berman. A few days later and I was at the BETCHES Headquarters. 

First off, BETCHES has the cutest office. (INSERT PHOTOS FROM ANDREA) They fully customized and designed their whole office with the help of a design team. The space was 1000% percent a space I would find enjoyable to work in, just like the employees do...I'm assuming. Everyone was so open and fun to be around. Oh! And there really is #nofilter used, even while at work. I learned a new term, "Bangover". It's pretty much when you sleep with someone and stay the night. Bang+Sleepover= Bangover. After hair and makeup, we then went to the location we shot at which was the iPic Theater at Fulton Market. There we spent the day shooting away, drinking mimosa's, and so called "pretending" to be a bitch. 

The shoot wrapped and I left with a gift box including an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater', 'Triggered Cap' and their newest book, 'I Had A Nice Time And Other Lies'. But I left with more than materalistic items. I left with memories, new friendships and future possibilities. 

The End...

Thanks for having me as your blonde Betches. ❤︎

 More to hopefully come. 

(Insert photos from shoot) 

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