mila Moursi Essentials

There are tons of skincare brands out on the market these days. From drugstore to luxury and we can’t forget the newest trend: natural skincare. I recently discovered the brand Mila Moursi and instantly fell in love. It all begun in Paris over 35 years ago where Mila Moursi was brought to life. Mila Moursi has A-List celebrities such as: Charlize Theron, Jane Fonda, & Al Pacino to name a few. No big deal.


I came across Mila Moursi when I started working part time at Space NK. I love beauty and Space NK carries the best of the beauty brands in the world. I wasn’t familiar with the brand at the time but it caught my eye. I looked into the brand and ended up going to the Mila Moursi Spa in Beverly Hills for a facial. This is not to be taken lightly when I say it was the most incredible facial I had ever had. After the facial my face was rosy, glowing and plump. I needed the products so I could come even somewhat close to achieving those results everyday. I’m going to be sharing with you some of my Mila Moursi essiantal favorites. WARNING: It is a luxury brand but your face is $o worth it.

Cleansing Milk: This is my #1 favorite item. It smells like a spa. It is great for any skin type, removing makeup and impurities. The most exciting part to me is it is formulated with collagen which improves elasticity and moisture.

Cleansing Toner: I never was totally huge on toners as I didn’t see the need for the extra step. But now I do. It removes any impurities cleansing may have missed and prepares the skin for the folllong steps of your skincare routine. This toner stimulates and firms with •Zinc: aids cell repair and growth. •Resveratrol: anti-oxidant for anti-aging. •Orange Peel Extract: brighten. Grapefruit Peel Extract: clears skin and alleviates inflammation. So I think we can all agree it’s much more than splashing some useless water on your face.

Lifting Serum: Did someone say Botox in a bottle? This lifts, revitalizes and brings oxygen to the skin. •Elastin •Collagen •Apple Stem Cell: skin brightening & line reducing.

Dual Action Serum: I apply this serum far too often and it’s the iridescence pearl color that gets me. It is a beautiful serum. Smooths and plumps the skin. Trains your skin cells to renew and act as younger cells so you can basically be Benjamin Button.

Firming Cream: Strengthens skin tissue with marine collagen and elastin. A great day and night cream that isn’t to heavy.

Refining Lotion: This is great for anyone with large pores, texture, wrinkles, & pigmentation. Natural fruit acids exfoliate the skin. Plus glycolic and lactic. Also great for anyone prone to break out to clear skin.

Triple Action Eye Contour Cream: I love the packaging of this product. It is so easy to travel with plus the tip is metal and very cooling. Great for puffiness, dark circles & lines.


What are some of your favorite skin care brands and products? Comment and let me know. I’d love to check them out! :)

Kristina Kane