My 3 Must-Have Physical Exfoliants

Must Have Skin Care Products 2018

location: los angeles

I get a lot of questions about my skin. How is it so smooth? You have NO texture. While my skin is not perfect I do swear by one thing that makes me feel fresh & glowy and reduces breakouts but also fades old acne scars, which I had ALOT of. Exfoliating is key when it comes to your skin. It should a thousand percent be in your skin care regimen, and exfoliating isn’t just for the winter when it is cold out side and your skin is cracking. #Notcute. While there are many different forms 1.physical which help speed cell turnover and sweep away debris 2.chemical that help lift dark spots, even skin tone, texture and fade fine lines 3.enzyme-based which helps to dissolve sebum and dead cells. Exfoliating is for all skin types, all days of the year. It removes dead skin cells that are clogging the skin which is not allowing all those skin care products you're applying to not fully penetrate deeply into the skin. Therefore, they are not doing their job fully. The build up of dead skin results in clogged pores and excess oil, causing acne breakouts. 


Exfoliating helps:   

 •    Rough appearance or texture

 •    Acne or other breakouts

 •    Discoloration

 •    Uneven texture and tone

 •    Sun and age spots

 •    Dullness

  •    Having dry, flaky, irritated skin

Physical exfoliants contain super-fine sodium bicarbonate and quartz crystals, which efficiently exfoliate the skin without abrading the skin, like a lot of exfoliants. Exfoliating increases circulation and oxygenation, meaning it leaves your skin glowing. Enough about that Kristina. Now, what is my three current must have physical exfoliants? 

Obaji Exfolating Polish
the heavy duty

My dermatologist in Beverly Hills introduced me to this and I have mentioned it in my Instagram stories. My sister was even obsessed after one time of using. It uses magnesium crystals(which won't cut or tear the skin) to exfoliate to reveal a young glowing complextion.  It also fixes any texture problem areas. Free radicals cause aging and acne. Vitamin A-C-E deliver antioxidant protection and reduces aging.


Nia 24 physical cleansing scrub

the mild yet efficent and best for anti-aging



Another I was turned on to by my dermatoligist. Nia 24 Physical Cleansing Scrub cleans, exfoliates and firms the skin to promote a brighter and younger complexion. Jojoba beads and Pro-Niacin get rid of dead skin cells and boost circulation to boost the skin's tone and texture. Sunflower oil imparts a healthy radiance while sage and chamomile soothe and calm. Lentil Fruit Extract smoothes skin. Glycerin hydrates and increases moisture retention. This exfolaint not only removes dead skin cells and rough paches but helps decrease any enviromental aging. It also smells like fresh laundry.         




Dr. lancer polish
one for every skin type


While I use the classic polish there is also one for sensitive & blemish prone skin. It's a skin resurfacing treatment including minerals such as Quartz and Sodium Bicarbonate Crystals which exfoliate whithout abrading the skin. Pumpkin and Pomegranate Extracts are enzyemes that sweep away surface cells. & Brown Sea Algae which is rich in vitamins in minerals to help balance hydration. It is a power-packed exfoliant. Also, when you use it it heats up giving a tingling warm sensation. 

None of these exfoliations are abrasive causing minor cuts to the skin so they are great to use daily. I switch off between all three of them. Each and every time my skin is left glowing, smooth, and clear.