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Products You Need From Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters is a store I go to often. It has such cute things and that's not only the clothes. I love looking at the home decor and jewelry. But one thing that I always get stuck standing by is the beauty. I come across so many new brands when in Urban and am constantly pleased with the products. They are affordable with great quality and results. 

I love these scents at Urban. They are cruelty-free which is a major plus so no cute animals are harmed in the making. The bottle is chic & clean which makes for pretty room decor. They also are the perfect size to take with you and throw in your tote bag. One of my favorite scents is the Açai Baie which has Acai berry, muguet, & one of my favorite ingriedients vanilla musk. My other favorites are Lait De Coco and The Matcha. They come in 9 scents, so you are bound to find one or a few that fits your mood. Retail: $18


This is no joke to die for! I recently came across it in store, and let me tell you this is the definition of a highlighter. It has a creamy texture and can be applied after your makeup is done or all over your face mixing in with your foundation. Retail: $30


Who doesn't love the scent of rose? Smith's has been around since the 1800's so you know it is a beauty classic. It can be used for anything your basic Neosporin is used for but it's better. I like to use it for my lips and sometimes on my cheeks for a soft dewy flushed glow. Retail: $8


I  first came across this brand when I was at Miami Swim Week. As much as I love to be tan, I do not bake in the sun often as the sun is the #1 cause of aging and I am big on taking preventative measures. But I do love having a golden glow so I use alternative tanning methods: St. Tropez and Vita Liberata are two brands I grab for. This tanning cream goes on evenly with golden color and in order to prevent it from getting on my hands I use a mitt. Retail: $45


Supergoop is a huge sunscreen brand trending right now. And protecting your face from the sun is something that should always be on trend. Everytime I am in an Urban Outfitters I always mist some of this on my face. As it protects my face from the sun and hydrates with argan oil, giving your skin a dewy glowy finish. It is small enough to fit in any purse which allows me to apply it through out the day while I'm on the go. Retail: $12


Terry cloth headbands are a must have in my skin-care regimen. As much as I love to mask they keep my hair completley out of my face and I look cute while doing it. It can also be washed so you don't need to worry about getting any product on the headband. Retail: $8

For those of you who know me or may not know me, I'll let you know know. I am a mask-a-holic. I am constantly trying new face masks and using at least one a couple times a week. There are so many different face masks to treat different symptoms. This one I love. It smells like pumpkin and for all those pumpkin spice latte drinkers what's better than having pummpkin on your face. The pumpkin enzyme exfoliates and it is good for sensitive skin, as it is not a an abrasive scrub. It has Alpha Hydroxy Acid to peel  and polishes with aluminum oxide powder. It does tingle when applied which is totally normal and neutralizes after a few minuets. I promise this masks leaves your skin looking smooth and radiant. Retail: $58

Lets talk collagen! Collagen has tons of benefits for the human body. But for me the thing I want to keep looking young and revitalized is my face! It's what helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. As we age the collagen our body produces starts to slow down. I like to add collagen to my juices or water. I love to use these collagen masks to replenish my face with collagen. Afterwards I have a dewy glow. Retail: $3


Once again, something with rose. +Plus herbs and aloe. This spray is so nice to refresh and hydrate skin. I mist this on makeup free skin and it gives my skin a refreshing mist. You can even use this over makeup. Keep in the fridge for a cooler application. Retail: $12


My mother bought me these clips and that was how I   came across them. Although it is the thing I dread most and never look forward to doing, when I blowdry my hair I do it in sections. These clips stay in place and hold more hair than you would think. You can use them to set curls. I even use them to pin back my hair when doing makeup. They are very multi-use. Retail: $6

No, oat milk isn't only amazing in your everyday latte.  This dry shampoo is so far by far my favorite and I have tried quite a few. It is great for all hair colors and even sensitive scalps. It takes care of oil and odors not leaving any white/grey residue like alot of dry shampoos do. & even better it really does give your hair an oompf of volume. Made with no sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride or colorants. Retail: $20

Photos Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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