The Major Trending Brand: Glossier

My First Impressions 

Yesterday I went to the Glossier Store on Melrose Place that opened sometime in May. For those of you whom are not familliar with Glossier, although I would be shocked. Emily Weiss who was a blogger herself, creator of Into the Gloss launched Glossier in 2014 as a spinoff to her popular beauty blog. Her blog consisted of her sharring the skincare secrets of celebrities. After testing and reviewing 100's of products on her blog, she started making her own cosmetics, turning her readers into customers. Glossier launched with: a face mist, concealer, skin salve, and priming moisturizer. As I am a huge fan of the no make-up make-up look these products not only give you that "look" but for once I have found a brand of products you actually dont feel on your skin. I purchased three items to give a try for my first time ever trying the brand. 


Boy Brow:

This is the first item I went for when walking in to the store. I had seen this product all over Instagram and loved the before and afters. It fills in your brows and gives your brows a feathery fluffy look while holding them in place. It adds color as I feel some colored brow products I have tried don't fill in or add enough color. As much as brows need to be on point, your brow products need to be on point. $16

☺︎Beeswax and Carnauba Wax Natural waxes that hold hairs in place without stiffness.

☺︎Oleic Acid An emollient derived from olive oil that nourishes and moisturizes.

☺︎Lecithin A natural fatty substance that adds a silky, smooth texture and a subtle sheen.

☺︎Atelocollagen A collagen derivative that helps condition and strengthen the hair fiber.


Stretch Concealer:

The Stretch Concealer was something I came across while in store. I tried on and purchased medium. It  comes in five shades, ranging from fair to dark so there is a shade for every color skin. I liked this concealer because most concealers are heavy and dry somewhat matte, making it obvious you have makeup on. It is considered a buildable concealer although I will say if you are used to heavy coverage and/or have very dark circles then this may be too sheer for you. This concealer is creamy and hydrating and when applied to the skin has a glistening dewy affect. $18

☺︎Beeswax & Microcrystalline Wax Give concealer a super elastic consistency which allows it to move with your expressions, not stiffen and cake.

☺︎Avocado & Jojoba Oil Nourish skin, prevent water loss, and give a natural dewy finish.

☺︎Cocoa Butter A natural fat full of the good stuff that promotes skin elasticity and suppleness.

Balm Dotcom in birthday:

Currently my lips are beyond dry and flaky as I am on Accutane. These caught my eye as there are many shades and scents. Plus the tube is so cute it reminds me of a paint tube. It  is really nourishing and does stay in place. I loved the birthday balm because it reminded me of being a child playing with makeup. It has sparkles in it but not overwhelming to the point where it looks like cheap make-up from Claires. $12

☺︎Castor Seed Oil A natural plant extract, the thick emollient has unique water-binding properties that keep moisture locked in.

☺︎Beeswax A natural emollient which acts as a protective barrier.

☺︎Lanolin A natural emollient that’s good for sensitive skin.

☺︎Cupuacu Fruit Extract An organic, long-lasting moisturizer with Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids that melts into skin on contact.

☺︎Rice Bran and Rosemary Leaf Extracts Antioxidants to combat free-radical skin damage.


Some of my favorite Glossier products I tried out in store:

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.56.03 AM.png

Products are Paraben Free and Cruelty Free 🐰

Photo Courtesy of Glossier