In the end, she became more than what she expected. She became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end, she just simply changed directions and kept going.
— R.M. Drake
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About Kristina Kane


Kristina Kane is the founder and creator of It's Kristina Kane. Kristina is a self motivated and known actress, model, stylist and creator, who continues to strive towards her goals every day. Her ambition of becoming known in the fashion and entertainment industry started as a young Georgia girl, who knew she belonged in Los Angeles at the age of 14. Since moving to LA her personal style has evolved over the years, and she is not afraid to express herself through fashion, photography & film. Kristina has love for all things art related: styling, modeling, photography, film, writing, & editing. She has a vision for each and every blog that is created and shared with her viewers. Kristina is a maven when it comes to research, researching everything to the core: from popular fashion looks for less to the most essential skincare ingredients in your routine. That being said, it was a key factor to what inspired Kristina to start her blog. Kristina has a special place in her heart for all things fashion related and strives to inspire others and give her followers the best advice and tips. Kristina is an adventurous individual and is constantly trying to travel somewhere other than home. Kristina is a truly wild spirit with a fire to live a beautiful life on the inside and out. Kristina believes in the best denim, fun bikinis on her favorite beaches, amazing skin care rituals and that life is always better with a nice pair of shoes. 




Who does your hair?
Jean Peirre Sosa at Alen M Salon on Melrose Avenue.

What camera do you use?
For videos I have been using the Canon G7X Mark II. Some of my photography on my instagram is taken with an iphone or Canon Mark 5D.  

How would you describe your style?
 I would describe my style as free. What I mean by that is if I simply like something I wear it. As most people have a set style such as: chic, preppy, bohemian, tomboy, vintage and more I wear a variation of brands and styles. Doing so I hope to aspire people of all styles, someone they can turn to for advice on any look. I do like step outside the box by mixing textures, patterns and colors. 


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it's kristina kane has partnered with brands: Le-specs. sam edelman. michael m collection. nu-face. indah. clarisonic. sultra. ghd. skinnydip london. hti heat. lipstick queen. gallany. whitefox boutique. meshki. 


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